by Honour

Standing alone in a room, feet pressed into wooden floors, sunlight pours through windows breathing warmth on my neck. 

Eyes closed, I feel the sun travel through me, down to my heart and towards my fingers, beaming down through each element. 

I am standing alone, looking in and feeling out. Hyper-aware of my toes bearing the weight of my body and mind. I balance, swaying slightly. 

What do I look like? When I am looking in? But busy being out? 

Necessarily, looking in calls on me to be aware of where I am outwardly in the world. Breathing. Stopping. Pulsing. Air brushes past me, reminding me there are others in this space I take up. 

I open my eyes to see myself staring back at me in the mirror. I bring my palms together. They fuse in front of my heart space. I can begin now.