by Nneka Uwefoh  

Today I walked with Mother. 

I felt the solidity of her hold my feet up. 

With every step I felt the sweetness of her energy surround me. 

I felt her wildness pulsing with my heartbeat. 

As the wind picked up around me, 

I knew it to be none other than the mightiness of her breath, 

encouraging breath within me to move  

and be one with her. 

Breathing within the safety of her presence, 

I dropped deeper into communion with Mother Gaia. 

And in that sweet space she beckoned me to remember,  

the truth of our roots. 

The truth is that we have never left her side. 

We are children who never outgrew our cradles. 

We convince ourselves that we are separate from her loving nature, 

but she is always with us. 

Watching and praying for us to bloom, 

into the love that is within us. 

In her abundance she lets us transform her, 

into visions of our creativity. 

To the point where her natural beauty, confined by us,  

only exists in small spaces. 

We believe ourselves to be separate, 

but she is always with us. 

In every present moment. 

Watching and praying for our evolution, 

into the love that reminds us,  

that all we need has always been within us 

and around us, 

in our mother’s embrace. 

We need not look too far to enter a sacred space with mother.  

We just need to breathe with her, 

Walk within her embrace, 

Listen to the sounds of the wind that dances, 

In joy and celebration of our journey back to our mother. 

As her love washes over us each and every day,  

may her loving devotion inspire us,  

to find the love within our hearts 

and let it bloom.