by Xiaoyang 

I would like to brave the wind and rain,  

thunder and lightning,  

walking in the night, even if to be alone,  

even if there is no light forever.  

All I need to do is to break through the darkness, 

and usher in the dawn,  

by the light of my longing for life.  

There is always more haze than sunny days in life,  

and happiness is always so short and fleeting.  

We are not ready to cover from the wind and rain when it comes unexpectedly.  

We were caught flat-footed,  

we were frustrated,  

and we dare not face the suffering,  

even ourselves.  

But this is life, the truest life.  

It does not lay a shortcut to success for anyone, 

does not hold the tail of happiness for anyone,  

and do not open the door of the maze for anyone. 

As a result, there were more ascetics like us on the muddy and bumpy roads,  

and this kind of life gave us perseverance.  

So that when we have walked through this rough road in life with difficulty,  

we can comfortably draw a successful end to our journey when looking back.  

Our life will be an extraordinary trajectory,  

because it is the Great Wall. 

One that we have made with tears, sweat and thousands of falls. 

When happiness comes knocking on the door,  

we no longer believe in this longevity.  

Pay attention to feel this happiness,  

consider this warmth —  

life has taught us to cherish. 

All the flowers will wither,  

in the last exhaustion of life,  

and all the colors will become dim,  

like darkness descending as scheduled.  

All we can do is to cherish,  

to understand Her beauty,  

and to remember her glory. 

So when we shuttled in the dark, there is no guiding light,  

we could not find the way out, and we were beaten to death.  

God gave us a window to our soul,  

but taught her to be  

eclipsed in the dark.  

The desperate, proud, stubborn heart in our chest, 

ignited the fire of expectation for life in our hearts,  

and through this fire of expectation,  

we will eventually get out of this predicament.  

So, we learned that there is no mountain higher than the heart,  

no road longer than the foot,  

even if the predicament lies in ambush on all sides.  

As long as we have expectations, the darkness will eventually burn. 

Life is not only the wind and rain,  

there will be a sunny day shining in the tract.  

Don’t forget to enjoy the scenery on the roadside. 

If you only walk for walking,  

the journey will inevitably be boring.  

Because the essence of life is to enjoy life, while persevering in pursuit.  

Don’t stop for the scenery here,  

because there will be more glorious landscape, 

in the next stop.