by Alvaro

As I took my first step I thought 

About how so many could not 

Realize the svabhāvaof their beings 

Which could lead them to seeing, 

How their Buddha-nature was contained 

By their desire for a train 

Of thought, constantly moving 

Despite their true being soothing 

To the sound of no thoughts 

As I step further, my breath slows 

As I begin to recede 

To the petrichor below 

Softly raising, 

The ground saving 

Elements untouched 

The quiet breeze, enough 

To fulfill every need 

Winds forever lead 

Walking, expanding and non-thinking 

My thoughts wander no more 

The Vipassanālike a roar 

Rushes in, to my mind 

However, it is empty, 

And yet as overflowing as a vine 

That grows with time 

Like the brightest bodhisattva 

Sage and sages arise 

The steps I have taken 

The meditation 

Walking and being, 

Becoming and seeing, 

All directions are one 

Attachment leads me to run 

From my salubrious potential 

To see all as eventual, 

Affirmed and released 

There are no ills and no beasts 

In the distance, 

The sound of streets, 

Elements and the heat 

The moment, the uji 

The cosmos unfolds; 

No creases, no hold 

Of the mind or of time 

What binds the Earth 

To the beings that find, 

Meaning in the line, 

Ever creating 

The ensō 


I strive 

To not deny 

The Buddha-nature beauty 

Like the sky 

Clear and nothing, 

Yet overflowing and everything.