by Xiaoyang Ren

Nature gave life to human beings and allowed them to enjoy such a magnificent scene.

She opened the bright skylight for us, let us see the beauty with eyes;

She perfumes us with wondrous aromas, to soothed and relaxed with the smells of jasmine and rose;

She taught the birds to sing, the streams to compose,

so that we can listen to the beautiful melody, intoxicated with linger;

She also put a beating heart into our chest,

so that we can feel the rhythm of nature, feel the booming of life.

At the same time, nature has generously given mankind all her treasures.

She poured forth a dynamic fountain of life, she gave mankind countless minerals;

The mother earth showed the most tolerant side,

with the broadest mind bearing all things,

accepted the human as her our child.

Ancient books depict touching and beautiful scenes between human beings and nature,

during which time man knew how to return the favor,

heaven and earth were in harmony, and everything lived and enjoyed the happiness of the family.

And we seem to be flattered,

we seem to lose reason in her doting,

and begun to run amok under her protection,

our claws are stretched into the nature.

The unbridled demand for minerals,

oil and water,

even spewed toxic gases into the air and poured turbid sewage into rivers.

Finally, tolerant mother earth began to defend for the injustice encounter of nature,

she continued to use a variety of ways to warn humanity,

to complaint our misbehavior.

Humans, the most “favored” race of all,

are not only dragging themselves down the abyss,

but also destroying the habitat of other creatures.

Killing, hunting, and exterminating,

we are gradually becoming the most despised species of all.

Under the banner of “protecting the environment”,

the one that really needs to be saved is actually ourselves.

The Earth, through eons of change, has endured unimaginable extreme climate,

and yet it has survived.

Thus, those melting glaciers won’t shake the planet,

instead we’re the ones who will pay for what we’ve done.