by Xiaoyang

Life is always up and down,

billow dashes to the sky while the leaper waves constantly,

beating on the heart, stirring up the sighs with deep feelings.

The experience had taught us,

that the life is a river,

from the trickling source,

stretches for miles in twists and turns.

The passage of the breeze blowing silver scale,

the fierce wind rolled up the surge,

water a tireless rattling, singing the song of this life,

while tumbling the meander of it.

None of the rivers is straight as a line,

it knows how to avoid the unconquerable mountain and bend to the steepness terrain,

just as the life which filled with choices and renunciation.

You can’t stride yesterday’s river today, since the passed water has gone away.

The water of life, trickling with the tireless flow. 

You will realize one day,

the water surface becomes wider,

which perhaps it’s hard to find out, but eventually there won’t be a narrow river in your life anymore.

Dreams within each river will blend into the sea,

which is a kind of maturity and being a destination.

Just like people find that they have more capacity and understanding,

while walking in a wider road with an enduring heart.

Life is like a river, gently or swiftly.

It may seem as a mirror, being quiet and smooth,

even if the scenery slowed down your footsteps,

we learned how to appreciate,

we packed the beauty into the luggage.

It may seem as an arrow, want to penetrate the sun and the moon,

forget everything that disturbing your mind to interpret the meaning of the life.

Our life is flowing as the river relaxation with tight loveliness.